Hi there,

those 2 last weeks I’ve been working a lot with a metronome. Very slowly, in order to integrate the beat. The idea is to be able to place a triplet, a eight note etc… with perfect accuracy.

Here’s an example on Mr PC. You can also notice that the beat is on 2 and 4, so at the same time as you feel comfortable with the beat, the accent on the 2 and 4  makes its way in your playing.

It doesn’t sound very fun, but it’s a very good way to play more cleanly and accuratly.

The Mooch

Hi there.

I’ve been very busy this month so I couldn’t upload anything. I guess I’ll never manage to post once a week or at least twice a month. Too bad… Still I manage to log 65 hours of playing, played a concert with the conservatory and participated in a jam session. It was a good month !

Any way, here is a cover of the Mooch we played live in one of the conservatory concert. hope you like it.

CA. 1935 - CAPTION: A publicity shot of Duke Ellington. CREDIT: DUKE ELLINGTON COLLECTION.

CA. 1935 – CAPTION: A publicity shot of Duke Ellington. CREDIT: DUKE ELLINGTON COLLECTION.






John Scofield

Hi there.

You won’t suffer listening to me playing the guitar in this post.

Instead you’ll have a hint of the concert I saw last week. John Scofield and his mates really were astonishing. Jazz giants, live !

What a great evening. I can’t stress you enough to go and see them if they come near you.



September: back to (music) school

Hi there.

This month has been great for many reasons: first of all, everybody’s fine around me ! Then I managed to log 73 hours of guitar practice. I never played that much. It more than 2 hours a day, which is -very- good considering my situation.

Also I went back to music school. This time I’m not only participating to the music workshop, but I also take instrument classes and musical theory classes. This very interesting.

So first lesson was on chords melody. Here is a sample applied to  fly me to the moon.




Practicing major scales

Hi there.

This summer I’ve been working on scales (mostly majors) as I didn’t know them in a organized way.






Here each of the five scale position (D major)  is related to a chord. I play the chords major 7th as I mostly study jazz songs where they are very common.

I also try to hit the arpeggios of each position.

Not much to say about this video. This is practice so not very exiting musically.

Ah yes, the cat on sofa is not dead, just sleeping !





Playing live again !

Hi there.

I’ve been preparing another concert in june, and here are two songs I could save from the show.

it’s another work shop I’m in, and we prepared 7 tunes, but not everything was listenable (equalisation pb, some players not ready etc…). The band is composed of a piano and a trumpet player. We also recently found a bass player, so the song will get more structured soon.

Still, here are ‘Celia’


and ‘In a sentimental mood’.

Hope you enjoy it,


ps: there was no cheasier pictures for the clips.

Le tennis: Erik Satie adaptation


yet another adaptation from an Erik Satie piece: “Le tennis”.


Actually, we prepared two songs for an event around Erik Satie’s compositions. So here is song number two. The harmony is not as triky as the Comédie Italienne, but it’s still complicated to solo over some kind of funky groove.

Hope you like it,



Comédie Italienne, Erik Satie adaptation

Hi all.

This Comédie Italienne is a adaptation of an Erik Satie composition ( ) .

My jazz workshop teacher adapted it. I’m still searching the relationship between the two versions !

I try in this piece to alternate chord voicings: starting from Cmaj7 on the 3rd fret to Cmaj7 on the 8th fret, and to follow the chord changes during the solo.

Hope you like it,

By the way, I logged in 59 hours of guitar practice in may. Not bad regarding my day to day load…



Playing live tonight with the music school

Hi there,

I played live tonight !!

Parking | Wembley Stadium

It was fun, even though half the band was missing. Pupils from the other bands joined (on drums), and Jean, the guitar/bass teacher held the bass.

For my part, plenty of misses, but the important was to be there playing, even in ‘degraded’ mode. We played Doxy (Sonny Rollins) and Tive razao (Seu Jorge)



Tive razao:

Hope you like it somehow



Edit: After listening to those scores, some obvious flaws in my playing come to mind.

First, I’m often out rhythmically. Be it comping or in the solos, I often find myself off the beat somehow

Second, there are  wrong notes.

And third, I play waayyyy too many notes in the solos. That is what leads to rhythm inaccuracy, and wrong notes (and boring phrases).

So in order to cure this, and from now, I will try to:

1 always engage the metronome while practicing.

2 play less, but hopefully sweeter, notes.

We’ll see if that pays…